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The Uncorked Cellar

The Uncorked Cellar is one the best and most comprehensive wine management software.

The Uncorked Cellar is one the best and most comprehensive wine management software and wine information source available at most reasonable cost.


The Uncorked Cellar Overview

You can instantly access information on wide range of wines, including wine notes and aging information provided by the wine maker. Wine collectors can easily manage and track their home wine collection. It’s easy to select wines from your cellar with just a few keystrokes. You can even view exact location of your wines on the virtual rack display.


The Uncorked Cellar also allows you to save your cellar on your computer and view your entire collection online. Now its easy to compare tasting experiences with all winemaker’s notes and you can even record all wine reviews. The software will easily capture, display and maintain your inventory complete with all related details. At a glance, choose wines to drink now or benefit from additional aging information.


The Uncorked Cellar Features

Visual Wine Rack


This feature allows you to automatically place all your wines in a defined rack as you add them to your wine cellar. You can also manually move your bottles with simple drag-and-drop feature either from one rack to another or within the rack. You can also customize the shape and size of your rack to match the shape of your home wine rack. You can handle either single row or dual row wine racks.

As you add your wine bottle to the cellar, the software will automatically add a tag number to each bottle and adds the wine to wine rack of your choice, and displays it so you can easily move the bottle to any specific location by clicking and dragging the bottle to the desired position in your wine rack. Other bottles on wine rack are color coded (depending upon the wine type) and are shown smaller to allow easy identification. You can read brief description of the wine by moving a mouse over the bottle.

You can easily configure each wine rack for either dual or single rows. You can display the row and column numbers either as numbers, or with some alphabetic designations. You can even configure your wine racks for custom shapes and sizes by making their location unavailable.

Easy Wine Information Entry and Display

Using a custom built in wine guide, you just need to type few letters to display a list of matching wines. Just click on the wine of interest and you can see the details, including estimated peak year, drinking window and important notes from winemaker. Each wine record contains a total of 39 fields, including 2 user definable note fields and 10 user definable fields. Information on wine guide includes winery name, address, peak estimates, price guide and notes about the wine by the winery and winemaker. You can always search your favorite wine website for additional information about the website about the wine using the Internet wine search tool. You can quickly save cellar inventory either on your computer, or online (web cellar) and read cellar contents as and when you access the Internet.


  • Tasting notes available for over 395,000 wines
  • Peak aging recommendations for each vintage
  • Preview winery website by clicking on the winery website tab
  • Get the exact location of the winery on the map
  • The database has more than 70,000 UPC barcodes that can be scanned and details will be displayed instantly
  • You can save your cellar to the web server and access your inventory online. A local backup copy is saved on your computer.
  • Manage multiple cellars and let others manage your inventory
  • Map every bottle in cellar using the Virtual Rack
  • Drag and drop your bottles from one rack location to another
  • You can customize each rack for shape and size
  • Easily track inventory using Bottle Tags
  • Uncork your chosen bottle by scanning barcode with a barcode reader
  • Automatically add a unique inventory number to each bottle.


  • it might take some time to learn more about its varied features to benefit from them.


All in all, The Uncorked Cellar is one of the best and easy-to-use wine management software that gives you the best bang for your buck. Its innovative features make cellar management easy and it even allows for online management.

You can download 14 day trial version. Upon purchase you can seek refund within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the software.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista


Build 201602020

Last updated:

2016-02-12 17:06:40


Uncorked Pty Ltd


File name:


File size:

10.8 MB





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